Is there really a need for daycare in Stockholm?

Yes! We are currently at capacity with 50+ toddler and pre-school-aged children from Stockholm, surrounding communities, and farm families. We maintain a growing waitlist of children in immediate need of early childhood education services. Sustainable daycare options are vital for economic growth; it allows parents to return to work and companies to recruit and maintain valuable employees. Our complete Needs Assessment is posted online.

Is the SCD licensed?

Yes! We provide quality, licensed childcare services which involves annual inspections, credentialed staff, and meeting all other Ministry of Early Years criteria.

How is the SCD be funded?

We received start-up funds under the bilateral Canada-Saskatchewan Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement and continue to receive operational funding per provincial funding model. We also rely on user fees and fundraising activities to enhance our programming opportunities, lower out-of-pocket expenses for all families, and maintain optimal conditions that attract and retain passionate employees.

Is SCD hiring?

If you are passionate about early learning and share our value for hands-on learning and explorative play, we would love to hear from you! ECE training is an asset, but not required. If you are interested in working for SDC in any capacity, please e-mail us your resume! Our pay starts at $15/hr and increases with relevant education.

How long is your wait list?

Given our current wait-list, the next projected vacancy is July, 2024 - however, this may change (e.g., if anyone chooses to leave before their last day of Kindergarten). Families are encouraged to request addition to our wait list as early as possible. See our Enrolment Page for more information. Our wait-list is confidential - babies in-utero, or not yet conceived, are welcome as this increases the chance of having space available for enrolment at 18-months.

How much does childcare cost?

In addition to grants and fundraising, user fees are necessary to cover monthly operational costs. Current fees are posted in our Parent Handbook and are reviewed annually. As we are a licensed daycare centre, some families may be eligible for provincial rebates and promotions.

When can my child attend?

We can accept toddlers on the 1st of the month in which they turn 18 months and pre-schoolers until their last day of Kindergarten. At this time, we can not provide care for infants or school-aged children. See our Enrolment Page for more info.

What care options do you provide?

We provide full-time and causal (daily rate) care options. See our Enrolment Page for more info.

What about school-aged children?

While the provincial focus is currently on children aged 0-5, we are working to provide summer programming to school-aged children in partnership with Macdonald School. We are also hoping to provide before-and-after-school care in the fall of 2023. Please contact us to be placed on a waitlist for these programs and to receive more information as it becomes available.

How can I enrol my child?

You are welcome to e-mail to have your child/children added to our wait-list. You will be given an earliest possible date of admittance and required to pay a one-time administrative fee to secure your spot. This provides you with access to casual daily care as available. Please see our Enrolment Page for more information before contacting.

Who are your partners?

We are proud to partner with a growing network of organizations and individuals who support our efforts. The generosity of Noble Construction was instrumental in moving this project forward! Other local companies, including Mosaic Potash, have also provided valued support - these companies recognize lack of available daycare as a challenge to securing a diverse workforce and vibrant community. The Esterhazy Community Daycare has also supported us in moving forward. We also partner with the Good Spirit School Division and Macdonald School to provide a variety of services, supports, and opportunities to significantly enhance our childrens’ experiences. We strive to make further partnerships and utilize local services whenever possible. See Donor page for a complete list of donors.

How can I get involved?

Feel free to contact us or visit our Facebook page for ways to be involved. Please also share our content and tell your friends about the new daycare! Consider providing a donation or supporting one of our upcoming fundraisers. We will also be hosting an AGM in June, 2023.