Mission Statement

To provide high quality, child-centered early learning and care to local families.

Vision Statement

We are a holistic, child-centered space that provides opportunities for children to develop socially, cognitively, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, guided by dedicated early childhood educators.


  • Children thrive in an environment that is safe, nurturing, and rich in opportunities
  • Passionate and engaging caregivers are vital to a positive childhood experience
  • We will provide a warm, loving, and inviting environment where children learn and develop through play and exploration
  • Programming is age- appropriate and designed to meet the needs of children in all areas of development: social, physical, intellectual, cognitive, spiritual, and emotional
  • Children are encouraged to develop independence and creativity in a balance of child-driven and adult suggested activities with emergent curriculum
  • Staff will work closely with parents to include them in their child’s development and the center programming
  • Staff will be given continuous opportunities for professional development
  • Our facility draws on the strengths and diversity of knowledgeable staff to honour children’s individual needs and interests

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines the character and behaviour we expect from everyone associated with Stockholm Community Daycare.

  • Integrity
    Our reputation as an honest, moral, and trustworthy organization is our most valuable asset. It is up to all of us to ensure that all interactions with SCD staff, children, families, and the public maintain or increase their trust in us.
  • Respect
    Everyone deserves respect and dignity. All actions and communication between staff, children, families, and the public must be equitable, inclusive, and respectful of diversity. We shall all listen receptively and respond appropriately to others’ ideas, concerns and needs. We will support, encourage, and work collaboratively with others.

  • Safety
    Personal security and physical, emotional, and social safety is vital to all of our well-being. We are all committed to providing a safe daycare environment free from discrimination, harassment, and violence. Everyone in the SCD facility must be treated with courtesy and respect.

  • Privacy
    Our daycare community will frequently be in a position of shared knowledge regarding families’ personal lives. We will all respect and protect the privacy and security of that shared knowledge.

  • Community
    We all have unique, important roles and will work collaboratively to ensure the success and sustainability of the SCD. Should there be conflict between the two, we will prioritize the collective good and well-being of the SCD community over any one individual’s needs.